Coursework for Undergraduate Studies at Monroe Community College and SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Geneseo – English Major & Art Studio Minor

Art History Courses
Asian Art: Spiritual Traditions
Arts-Africa, Oceania, America and Asia
History of Western Art: Renaissance

Art Studio Courses
Design in Wood I
Drawing I
Photography I
Photography II
Jewelry & Metals I
Jewelry & Metals II

English Courses
18th Century British Literature
American Voices: African-American Migration Narrative
Drama:Elizabethan & Jacobean
Exploring the Renaissance
Major Authors: Momaday & Silko
Modern American Literature
The Practice of Criticism
Senior Seminar: Sentiment & Scandal
Shakespeare I

Humanities Courses
Western Humanities I
Western Humanities II

Music Courses
Understanding Music

Monroe Community College

Communications Courses
Basic Visual Communication
Introduction to Mass Media
Mass Communication: Issues and Analysis
Professional Communication
Public Speaking

English Courses
Children’s Literature
Creative Writing
Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar – Interdepartmental course discussing Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
The Short Story

History Courses
Civilization: Ancient to Medieval

Math Courses
Statistics I

Philosophy Courses
Introduction to Philosophy

Psychology Courses
Introduction to Psychology

Science Courses
Fundamentals of Biology
Geology and Man

Sociology Courses
Introduction to Sociology
Sociology of Sex Roles